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Commission on judicial performance stops short of removing San Diego 'birther' judge, issues censure

Judge Gary Kreep will remain on the bench of the San Diego Superior Court. | 
August 17, 2017 |  

In a determination released this morning, the California Commission on Judicial Performance has issued a public censure of San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary G. Kreep. 
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Fitch ratings concludes Delta Tunnels Project would further increase water rates

The San Joaquin River at Lauritzen Yacht Harbor. Photo by Dan Bacher. |
By Dan Bacher | August 18, 2017 |

On August 16, Fitch Ratings confirmed what Delta Tunnels opponents have been saying for years — the proposed California WaterFix project being currently fast-tracked by the Trump and Brown administrations would likely drive a significant increase in monthly water rates.
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Spice up school days

 (Family Features) Busy school days demand meals that can match the pace of life. A Mexican-themed meal is a sure way to keep things festive and lively around the family dinner table.
Not only does a meal centered on Mexican-style foods let you spice up your menu, it also allows for plenty of personalization so even the pickiest of palates can be satisfied. That means less time for preparation and more time spent together.
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Local museums offer special aerograms & activities that extend classroom learning

Local museums offer special aerograms & activities that  extend classroom learning

Imagine. Explore. Discover. In addition to its fascinating Gold Rush past, the Sacramento area is rich with an amazing array of state-of-the-art museums and historic sites that offer visitors the chance to explore California’s fine art, history, science, and wildlife treasures all year long. With summer nearing its end and a new school year beginning, many of the 30 members of Sacramento Area Museums (SAM) offer special programs and activities that stimulate problem solving abilities and help add context to what is learned in the classroom.

While virtually every museum and destination offers elements that extend hands-on learning, a sampling of some of the special educational offerings (many of which must be scheduled in advance) includes the following:

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2001-02 Kings featured as classic team in NBA 2K18

There are many Sacramento fans who share fond memories of one of the most beloved squads in franchise history and now those memories can... Read More

‘Getting to 80 percent’ on energy cutbacks cannot occur unless behaviors change

California’s plan to cut energy consumption by 80 percent by 2050 cannot be achieved with current proposed policy changes because most solutions focus on changing technologies rather than changing behavior, a new University of California, Davis, study suggests.

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Job centers offer little help for the unemployed, UC Davis study says

If you are unemployed and looking for a job, the best way to get government-funded training and help finding a job is to prove you are “unemployable.” Otherwise, unemployed workers should accept downward or lateral mobility and realize that their inability to get a job is their fault, not the job market.

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Astronomers spy supernova’s giant companion star

Astronomers have spied the short-lived blue glow from a giant companion star struck by a spectacular supernova. The discovery offers compelling evidence for a leading theory about the origin of Type Ia supernovae — that these enormous explosions occur when a white dwarf steals matter from a larger star.


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West Nile Virus activity on the uptick in Elk Grove

August 14, 2017 |  
The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District reports increased West Nile virus activity throughout the District and especially around Elk Grove. Last week there was an increase in the amount of mosquito samples that tested positive from urban and rural traps. 
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6 critters you might see this summer

Summer may mean the emergence of some creepy, crawly (and slithery) critters, but that isn’t always a bad thing, UC Davis experts say. From many-legged creatures commonly found around your home during the summer to legless animals you might see out on a summer hike, here’s what our experts say about the critters of summer — and what our wet winter means for many of them.

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