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From now until Sept 19 you will have an opportunity to vote for RRUFF (Rocklin Residents Unite For Fido) to win up to $250,000.  




Pet Care Service Associations Code of Ethics

Pet Care Service Associations Code of Ethics

       A very interesting set of codes determined by the Pet Care Services Association.       


               The Dog Boarding Code of Ethics Consists of the Following:


  • To Provide Conscientious care for the animals entrusted in me.
  • To Learn more about our profession and improve our services
  • To Deal Honestly and fairly with the public
  • To place service to our customers and their pets above personal gain
  • To avoid and slander of the competition
  • To Support my association and it's policies
  • To abide by Federal and Local Laws governing animal care
  • To Operate our business in such a manner to reflect honor upon the pet care services
  • To encourage responsible pet ownership


CAGE FREE - The New Dog Boarding Revolution

CAGE FREE - The New Dog Boarding Revolution

Many of us have always thought of dog boarding for our lovable pooches as them spending day after day in a small cage.   Well the times are finally changing where your dog can live like their at home even when they are at a "dog boarding" facility.  

At Aunt Cynthia's Bed and Biscuit Inn in Loomis your dog gets to hang out on a couch with other dogs and their favorite dog sitter.   Each hour your dog gets to go out for play time with all their new friends.

The way this all works is so simple.    There are four different rooms based on your dogs temperament.  In other words the small ones all hang out together.  The young playful ones all go together and of course the chilled out older ones all get to take naps together.

For all you frequent travelers who worry about your pooch when you are gone; worry no more - the Cage Free Revolution is here.

Doggie Bath Time

Doggie Bath Time

Do you know how often your dog needs a bath?   Well it is all based on breed.  


Bathing by Breed
  • Different dog breeds need to be bathed at different intervals. Cocker spaniels and other breeds with oily skin should be bathed once a month.

Join the Fun at the Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair

Join the Fun at the Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair


Tickets on sale now for the September 20 – 23 event


Majestic Draft Horse performances, breath-taking competitions, and seeing a Draft Horse “up close” are all part of the festivities at the 26th annual Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair, September 20 – 23, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley. 

The Draft Horse Classic has grown to become the premier Draft Horse show in the western United States, and features six majestic performances.